Gratitude Journal 20080413

I am thankful for

  1. A nice, sunny day.
  2. A good church service.
  3. Breakfast prepared by the Men’s Club at church.
  4. All the people who make CCD possible for the kids at church.
  5. LEB for starting the salad for dinner.
  6. GAB for making green bean casserole.
  7. The television broadcast of the Masters.
  8. A working heating systems no a cool Spring evening.
  9. A comfortable bed.
  10. That CIB and MJB were able and willing to play outside so much.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Being helpful by cooking dinner.
  2. Being helpful by doing several loads of laundry.
  3. Stepping out of my comfort zone and going to the Men’s Club meeting while the kids were in CCD instead of sitting quietly and reading.
  4. Being family oriented by cooking dinner.
  5. Being family oriented by eating dinner with the family.
  6. Being family oriented by going to church with the family.
  7. Being consistent by listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material.
  8. Being consistent by reading 10+ pages of personal development material.
  9. Being health focused by taking a 40+ minute walk.
  10. Being health focused by doing some bodyweight exercises.

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