Gratitude Journal 20080406

I am thankful for

  1. A beautiful day.
  2. A good church service.
  3. Money for breakfast at church.
  4. Taking the time to discuss the StackBacks Budget System w/ LEB.
  5. The $ixty-$econd Tax $avings Organizer software.
  6. That MJB and CIB watched some basketball with me.
  7. All the hard work that LEB, CIB and MJB did in the back yard.
  8. That GAB cleaned the bathroom.
  9. Our dish washer.
  10. LEB for taking meat out of the freezer for dinner.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Being disciplined to get up early and awaken the family so we could make the 0800 church service.
  2. Being generous by buying breakfast for a church member who didn’t have the money.
  3. Being disciplined and working on entering data for taxes.
  4. Being consistent by listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material.
  5. Being helpful by cooking dinner.
  6. Being helpful by loading and running the dish washer.
  7. Being helpful by taking out the garbage.
  8. Being health focused by taking my prescriptions.
  9. Taking the initiative to ask LEB if she had read the StackBacks Budget System.
  10. Taking the initiative to show LEB the work I had done with the StackBacks Budget System spreadsheet.

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