Gratitude Journal 20080401

I am thankful for

  1. Having food to cook.
  2. High speed internet.
  3. Having gas to drive GAB to choir practice at church.
  4. A working washer and dryer.
  5. The people who make the youth choir possible.
  6. Eckhart Tolle for writing The Power of Now.
  7. Jerry Clark for interviewing Les Brown.
  8. Les Brown for sharing insights that moved me to acknowledge that it’s OK for me to ask for help.
  9. LEB for knowing we need help and kindly goading me along.
  10. A beautiful neighborhood to walk in.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Being helpful by sorting all the dirty laundry.
  2. Being helpful by washing and drying several loads of clothes.
  3. Being health focused by taking a 40 minute walk.
  4. Being health focused by doing some body weight exercises.
  5. Being consistent by reading 10+ pages of personal development material.
  6. Being consistent by listening to 30+ minutes of  personal development material.
  7. Being disciplined by getting dressed for work though I work at home.
  8. Being disciplined by working on my Stack Backs Budget spreadsheet.
  9. Being helpful by taking GAB to choir practice.
  10. Being courteous by writing thank you notes.

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