Quotes of the Day 20080401

“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity.” — Andrew Carnegie 1835 – 1919, Industrialist

What does it mean to be motivated? The way I’m feeling this quote today is that I must motivate myself to take the actions necessary to fulfill my dreams. I must face my fear and be willing to experience discomfort and ACT! Not just sit around and hope and wish, though hoping and wishing are good, but without acting the chances of my dreams being fulfilled are vanishingly slim.

Here’s another take, if you can’t motivate yourself and are always waiting on someone or something outside of yourself to provide that motivation how much can you really accomplish? For example, if you decide it would be nice to have a raise and/or a promotion at your job how likely are you to receive either without motivating yourself to take the right actions to suitably impress upon those you work with that you are deserving of either?At the very least you will probably have to ask for that raise or promotion and if it’s not forthcoming ask question to find out what additional actions you should take to get that raise or promotion. Does that make sense? What do you think?


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