Gratitude Journal 20080318

I am thankful for

  1. LEB cooking dinner.
  2. A working washer and dryer.
  3. A working dish washer.
  4. Online banking.
  5. High speed internet.
  6. That LEB got my desk chair fixed.
  7. Friends.
  8. My cell phone.
  9. Hugs from the kids.
  10. That MJB and CIB walked home safely from school.

I acknowledge myself for:

  1. Deciding to be healthy and taking a walk.
  2. Deciding to be healthy and doing some bodyweight calisthenics.
  3. Focusing on the family by eating dinner together.
  4. Being consistent by reading 10+ pages of personal development material.
  5. Being consistent by listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material.
  6. Being open to learning.
  7. Being disciplined by taking a shower.
  8. Being helpful by washing and drying clothes.
  9. Being helpful by folding clothes.
  10. Taking care of the dog.

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