Quote of the Day 20080229

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.” — Charles Kettering 1876 – 1958, Inventor

I do believe in having high expectations. You get what you expect. If you expect good things to happen they will. If you expect bad things to happen they will, too. If you expect the best of people they will usually deliver it. If you expect less than their best from people you’ll get that, too.

However, as mentioned before there is such a thing as setting expectations too high. Perfectionism is a pernicious thing, a subtle trap. Read a little of what FLYLady has to say on the subject:

Looking for validation from others instead of looking for it from
yourself is going to make you miserable. If you need others to tell
you how wonderful you are to feel good, you have to ask why. You
can’t clean, stop smoking, lose weight, declutter or anything else if
you are only doing it for the recognition of others. You have to do it
for yourself.

We have to catch our brains before the plot and scheme to destroy our peace. Don’t allow yourself to project unrealistic outcomes. Be happy with what is. Don’t make things worse than they really are or set your expectations so high that nothing can every live up to them. Setting the bar of expectation so high that no one will ever be able to reach it only allows you to always be the victim and the martyr. In your own mind you believe that others really did let you down which makes you right in your feelings of being let down and victimized. You are only a victim of your own thoughts. Be happy with what is and enjoy the process. Don’t allow your perfectionism to ruin another event in your life.

If you are interested in reading the rest of FLYLady’s essay just ask for it in a comment, but be sure to leave your email address in an anti-spam format, like charleshbaker at gmail dot com. Or you can email me at that address.


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