Quote of the Day 20080202

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.” — Charles Kettering, Inventor

I’ve been told that we get what we expect, not what we wish for. Expectation has more intention associated with it than wishing. Expectation generates action to go for the object of the expectation and intention. What do you expect? Do you expect good things? Or do you expect doom and gloom?

Some care is required with expectations of yourself and others, though. If you expect the best, generally that is what you will get. By while expecting the best of yourself or someone else is a good idea, don’t let that high expectation turn into high pressure. If you put too much pressure on yourself or another, the result may be the opposite of what you expect. It’s a fine line, one that you can only discern with time and experience. Learn where that line is for yourself before exploring it with others.


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