Quote of the Day 20080130

“Opportunities are not offered. They must be wrested and worked for. And this calls for perseverance..and courage. ” — Indira Gandhi 1917 – 1984, Indian prime minister

OK, here we go again. Opportunities must be wrested and worked for. I agree that perseverance and courage are good things, but wresting? In an earlier post, I wondered if the notions of struggling and working hard for what you want are due to the protestant work ethic that is so prevalent in the USA. Well, Indira Gandhi, for whom I have the utmost respect, dispels that idea of mine. I would think that she was not heavily influenced by the protestant work ethic…though as I think about it, India was a British colony for years, so maybe it did influence her.

Again, I’m not saying that action is not required to realize ones dreams or goals, it most clearly is. However, need it require the struggle implicit in the words wrest and work? Or is it merely my skewed perception of work as something to be endured as a means to an end rather an end in and of itself? Thoughts? Ideas? Post a comment.

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3 Comments to “Quote of the Day 20080130”

  1. I look at wresting as a mode of preparation. Preparation requires discipline(a trait that is tough to emulate). Oppurtunities can be used only if we have gone through a process of readiness else we would miss them.

    In today’s world work is a means to an end. I rarely hear anyone who says that they enjoy the work that they do. Most are Working so that “they can have the house, the car, the girl/boyfriend, cause they are the sole breadwinner” etc. Now if you mean work as in Self-improvement thats a different deal, I think thats the one that is an end in and of itself.

  2. @mysoul: Interesting ideas. I’m currently reading a couple of books, one of which is Your Money or Your Life in which the authors show that what we call “making a living” is really “making a dying” because we expend so much of our life energy working to get things which are not congruent with our values or true goals in life. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth the read and work. 🙂

  3. I would agree with the “making a dying”, the stress of getting the money, does kill us. Its Ironic, we make money so that we can spend on the cures for ailments as we age.

    I cant say much about what is congruent with values or true goals. I feel values and goals are part of our conditioning. If for some reason we lived in isolation and not within a society with so much Information flow, would we have the same values or goals that we presently profess to have?

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