Gratitude Journal 20080121


  1. I am thankful that LEB got home safely from Aiken yesterday.
  2. I am grateful that MJB and I could shoot some basketball together yesterday.
  3. I’m thankful for my high speed internet connection which allows me to telecommute.
  4. I’m thankful for my wireless router.
  5. I give thanks for the Greenville County Public Library.
  6. Thank you LEB for returning books to the library for me.
  7. I give thanks for plenty of food to eat.
  8. I am especially grateful for our house that shelters my family and me from the cold during this bitter cold stretch of weather.
  9. I am thankful for hot showers.
  10. I give thanks for all of the precipitation that we’ve gotten recently that is helping to ease the drought.

Self Acknowledgement

  1. I acknowledge myself for playing outside with MJB.
  2. I am glad that I’m learning to be open and ask for help.
  3. I acknowledge myself for exercising the discipline to listen to some personal development material daily.
  4. I feel satisfaction from how helpful it was of me to wash, dry and fold many loads of clothes yesterday.
  5. I had a large sense of accomplishment from being helpful by washing all of the dishes yesterday.
  6. I feel great to focus on abundance with this journal.
  7. I feel great to focus on gratitude with this journal.
  8. I acknowledge myself for exercising the discipline to get on a business conference call last night at 2100 hours.
  9. I was happy to be a servant dad, and drive GAB to and from a teen party place last night.
  10. I’m excited to focus on the positive.
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